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Hilliard Castilla has been Sworn in as Judge Pro Tem

Posted on Dec 23, 2021 in Announcements

WACHP congratulates our partner, Hilliard Castilla, on being sworn in as Judge Pro Tem for the State Court of Fayette County. Hilliard will continue practicing with our firm while serving the fine citizens of Fayette County.

After 20 Minutes of Deliberation, Jury Finds for Defendant

Posted on Dec 23, 2021 in Trial Results

Following a 2 day trial, attorney Ben Harbin obtained a defense verdict in Henry County. The case involved an admitted fault rear end accident.  The plaintiff presented medical bills totaling $15,000 and argued the accident caused a meniscus tear.  Plaintiff admitted having a prior history of knee pain but related the meniscus tear directly to the accident. A post accident MRI showed a meniscus tear.  Defense argued that the meniscus tear was a degenerative tear rather than an acute tear. After 20 minutes of deliberation the Jury asked if they could award the defendant attorney’s fees and defense costs.

Harbin Obtains Defense Verdict in Douglas County

Posted on Dec 23, 2021 in Trial Results

On September 30, 2021, following a 3 day trial, a Douglas County jury returned a defense verdict.  Ben Harbin tried the case which involved a multi-vehicle accident.  The plaintiff did not complain of injury at the scene and there was minor damage to his vehicle.  However, plaintiff immediately began treating with a chiropractor and incurred medical bills in excess of $43,000.  The plaintiff asked for a verdict of $60,000, he rejected a pre-trial settlement offer of $15,000.

DeKalb County Jury Has Record Quick Deliberations

Posted on Nov 16, 2021 in Trial Results

After a one-day trial, a DeKalb County jury returned a defense verdict in eight (8) minutes.  Brian F. William was able to convince a jury that plaintiff’s alleged concussion claims from a minor admitted fault automobile accident were not credible.  Plaintiff alleged $11,752 in medical bills and asked the jury for $130,000 during closing arguments.  Plaintiff rejected a $13,500 pre-trial offer.


Posted on Oct 15, 2021 in Trial Results

After a four (4) day trial, Brian McCarthy secured a very favorable jury verdict in the Superior Court of Newton County.  This case involved an admitted fault rear-end accident.  Plaintiff claimed serious spine injuries, receive multiple spine injections, underwent a three (3) level cervical fusion, and had a spinal cord stimulator implanted.  Plaintiff claimed that his injuries left him totally disabled and unable to return to his job as a baggage handler.  Plaintiff’s trial evidence included two (2) surgeons, one (1) pain doctor, one (1) vocational expert, and one (1) economist.  Plaintiff blackboarded special damages in the amount of $1,650,000 (approximately $460,000 in medical bills; $760,000 in future lost wages; $250,000 in future medical bills; and $180,000 in lost wages) and requested the jury to return a verdict of $4,000,000.  During closing arguments, the defense requested the jury either return a defense verdict or a verdict of $50,000.  After approximately two (2) hours of deliberation, the jury returned a verdict for plaintiff in the amount of $50,000, well under the pre-trial offer.


Posted on Sep 09, 2021 in Trial Results

On August 30, 2021, Kayla Bell defended the estate of a defendant who passed away prior to trial. Plaintiff alleged injuries to her neck and shoulders, as well as low back pain that she testified she still experienced as a result of a minor accident in 2016. A Fulton County jury awarded plaintiff $3,274.51, less than defendant’s last offer and well below the more than $20,000 plaintiff asked the jury to award. Ms. Bell was able to impeach plaintiff regarding a prior accident and subsequent injuries and successfully argued for more than $7,000 in medical bills to be excluded from evidence. The deceased defendant’s granddaughter attended trial and was pleased with the rigorous defense mounted on behalf of her grandfather’s estate.

WACHP is Proud to Participate in 2021 Legal Food Frenzy

Posted on Apr 21, 2021 in Announcements

Waldon Adelman Castilla Hiestand & Prout is a proud participant of the 2021 Legal Food Frenzy benefiting the Atlanta Community Food Bank.  We are thrilled to accept donations in any amount to our team’s efforts.  Please visit our firm’s team page:

Back to Trial Success!

Posted on Apr 09, 2021 in Trial Results

Rakhi McNeill has successfully tried the first case post-pandemic for the firm. This was a minor accident where plaintiff alleged $30,000 in medical bills plus $8,700 in lost wages. Our client was pregnant and therefore, did not appear at trial. However, her mother, also a defendant, was present. After a day of jury selection, a lengthy one-day trial, and 35 minutes of jury deliberation, the Wilkinson County jury awarded only $11,000, just slightly more than defendant’s last offer. Plaintiff’s last demand was $50,000.

WACHP is proud to announce the members of its 2021 Diversity Committee

Posted on Mar 16, 2021 in Announcements

The members of the committee are Ashley Rice, Rakhi McNeill, Brian McCarthy and Marcia Freeman. Diversity Members Announcement

Rakhi McNeill has been nominated to the Board of the CLM Greater Atlanta Chapter

Posted on Mar 01, 2021 in Announcements

Congratulations Rakhi McNeill for being nominated to the Board of the CLM Greater Atlanta Chapter.  She has been named the director of events. We look forward to attending any future events that Ms. McNeill organizes.