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Meyer Limits Exposure

Posted on May 11, 2017 in Trial Results

In April 2017, Travis Meyer successfully limited his client’s exposure during a three (3) day trial in Henry County State Court.  The case involved a four (4) car accident.  The defendants were blaming one another for causing the accident.  Plaintiff suffered injuries to her neck and upper back resulting in a two (2) level fusion surgery.  The treating physicians directly related plaintiff’s injuries to the accident.  The claimed medical specials were $185,000.  Plaintiff asked for $2,000,000.  The jury returned a verdict in the amount of $787,000, but only apportioned 20% fault on his client.  Plaintiff received less than what was offered prior to trial in settlement negotiations.

Meyer Obtained Defense Verdict

Posted on May 11, 2017 in Trial Results

In May 2017, Travis Meyer obtained a defense verdict in Floyd County in an admitted fault case in which his client struck a crossing guard.  Plaintiffs asked the jury for past medical specials of $25,000, future medical specials of $99,000, lost wages in excess of $550,000, and past and future pain and suffering.  Plaintiffs requested punitive damages based on allegation that the defendant was texting while driving which lead to the plaintiff being struck in the crosswalk.  The plaintiff’s primary physician directly related all of her medical issues, including Fibromyalgia (chronic pain), to the accident.  The jury deliberated for approximately 45 minutes before rendering a defense verdict.  The last pre-trial settlement offer was for $50,000 and plaintiffs never lowered their demand below $115,000.

Adam Smith Wins Third Trial In A Row

Posted on Apr 19, 2017 in Trial Results

In March 2017, Adam Smith won a jury trial in Cobb County in which the plaintiff alleged incurred medical expenses of $112,000 and lost wages of $10,000.  Plaintiff underwent a low back surgery after the accident and her doctor testified that the surgery was directly caused by the accident.  Plaintiff asked the jury to award a minimum of $380,000 in damages; however, the jury awarded only $11,112.  This March 2017 verdict follows two other recent jury trial wins for Adam Smith: In a January 2017 jury trial in Cherokee County, plaintiff sought total damages in a range of $28,000 to $38,000 and alleged ongoing problems with her right shoulder; however, the jury awarded $5,836. In an October 2016 jury trial in Newton County, plaintiff underwent a neck surgery following a serious collision at an intersection; plaintiff sought total damages of more than $980,000; however, the jury awarded $133,480.26, which was about $17,000 below the last pre-trial settlement offer from the defense and nearly $850,000 below the amount plaintiff asked the jury to award at trial.

Gabelman Obtains Verdict Less Than Pre-Suit Offer

Posted on Mar 22, 2017 in Trial Results

On March 6, 2017, Becky Gabelman tried a case to jury verdict in Gordon County. Defendant admitted to causing a near head-on collision. Plaintiffs’ alleged neck and back injuries from the accident.  Pre-suit, plaintiffs were offered $14,000 and $11,000, respectively to settle their claims.  After deliberating for forty (40) minutes, the jury awarded $5,172.37 and $2,270.75, respectively, which was for ER treatment following the accident.

Jury Not Fired Up By Alleged Road Rage

Posted on Oct 11, 2016 in Trial Results

In October of 2016, Jonathan Adelman successfully convinced a Gwinnett County jury that plaintiffs’ recovery should be limited to $24,000, significantly less than the longstanding pre-trial offer of $30,000 and the lowest pre-trial demand of $60,000.   The two plaintiffs (a father and his minor daughter) claimed that the defendant reversed into the front of their vehicle in an aggressive fashion.  The plaintiff father alleged a back injury which required chiropractic treatment and epidural steroid injections.  The plaintiff daughter alleged that she sustained a closed head injury and a whiplash type injury.  The total healthcare expenses were $35,000.  Plaintiffs had three (3) medical doctors testify at trial via video depositions.  The jury deliberated for almost three (3) hours.

Kevin Reardon Successfully Defends Uninsured Motorist Carrier

Posted on Oct 07, 2016 in Trial Results

In September 2016, Kevin Reardon successfully defended an uninsured motorist carrier in a two (2) day trial in Bulloch County.  Plaintiff alleged post-concussive syndrome as well as neck and back injuries.  Her treating neurologist directly related plaintiff’s symptoms and need for treatment to the accident.  Total medical specials were $11,200.  In addition, plaintiff who was a medical doctor alleged lost income of nearly $40,000.  Prior to trial, the liability carrier had tendered its policy limits of $25,000.  Plaintiff’s counsel asked for an award of $189,000.  After deliberating for less than an hour, the jury awarded plaintiff a verdict of less than the medical specials resulting in zero liability for the uninsured motorist carrier.

Prout and Hoying Obtain Defense Verdict After Three (3) Day Trial in Cobb County

Posted on Sep 09, 2016 in Trial Results

The case involved a rear-end collision with a complaint of injury at the scene and treatment at the ER on the day of the accident.  Plaintiff subsequently treated with a pain management specialist who directly related the injuries and need for treatment to the accident.  Mr. Prout impeached the plaintiff twenty-six (26) times on cross examination regarding her description of the accident, prior injuries/treatment, etc.  Likewise, Ms. Hoying impeached a fact witness (who is a plaintiff in a companion case) numerous times. Plaintiff’s total medical specials were $22,000.  The highest pre-trial offer was $10,000.  At trial, plaintiff’s counsel asked for $60,000.  The jury returned a defense verdict after three (3) hours of deliberation.

WACHP Announces New Partner

Posted on Aug 31, 2016 in Announcements

WACHP is pleased to announce that Rakhi McNeill has been named a partner of the firm.

Fulton County Jury Does Not Relate Knee Surgery to MVA

Posted on Aug 19, 2016 in Trial Results

In August of 2016, Jonathan M. Adelman successfully argued to a Fulton County jury that a 23 year old plaintiff’s knee surgery was unrelated to a side-swipe motor vehicle accident.  Plaintiff alleged that his knee struck the dashboard, necessitating arthroscopic knee surgery to remove some cartilage.  Plaintiff also claimed soft-tissue injuries to his neck and back.  Plaintiff’s surgeon related the condition to the accident.  However, the defendant’s medical expert provided convincing and common sense testimony as to why the condition pre-dated the accident.  Furthermore, plaintiff and his witnesses were successfully impeached at trial.  The total medical expenses were $44,000.  The pre-trial offer was $20,000.  The pre-trial demand was $50,000 for a limited liability release.  The verdict was $10,000.

Double Defense Verdict for Brandt in Gwinnett County

Posted on Aug 17, 2016 in Trial Results

Attorney Andrew Brandt obtained a double defense verdict in the State Court of Gwinnett County on August 9, 2016. A disputed fault case involving a parking lot accident and minor property damage took only one day to try. Plaintiffs, whose last pretrial demand was $100,000 a piece, alleged over $25,000 in total healthcare specials. At trial, Mr. Brandt conceded to the jury that plaintiffs may be able to prove that defendant was at fault for the accident, but argued that there was no way the accident was the proximate cause of plaintiffs’ alleged injuries.  In less that forty minutes, the jury came back with a defense verdict as to both plaintiffs. Defendant’s last offer on the eve of trial was $1,000 per plaintiff.